Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Oregon House one step closer to going Democratic

With House Republican Derrick Kitts leaving his seat in the 30 District to be the Republican sacrifical lamb to David Wu, the Democrats are primed to pick up this seat.

Community activist David Edwards from Hillsboro has filed for the seat as a Democrat.

David Edwards

Edwards is an entrepreneurial business owner and long time Hillsboro resident. His work in the community is impressive:

*Chair of the Hillsboro 20/20 Vision Task Force which put together the city's action plan for creating jobs, strengthening schools and protecting the enviornment through the year 2020. Parts of the plan include the spanky new Hillsboro Civic Center Plaza,the Mainstreet Madness 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament and expanded hours at the Essential Health Clinic.

*Served on the Hillsboro Unified School District’s Citizens Curriculum Advisory. He was the chief architect of the district’s Character Education Program, which teaches students basic values like honesty, compassion and responsibility.

*Co-chaired the citizens group that successfully promoted the bond measure for Century High School.

Edwards has a masters degree in Public Affairs from U of O. And even managed to get a little legislation experience during that time by working for the Oregon Economic Development Department, where he helped legislators assess the economic impact of proposed laws.

“I’m running for State Representative to help Washington County create more good-paying jobs,” said Edwards, the 39-year-old founder and CEO of a successful market research-based consulting firm. “We can create jobs by strengthening Oregon’s economy, making common-sense investments in our public schools, and reducing the cost of health care. And I intend to address these issues with a bottom-line commitment to what works.”

Finally, something in the Oregon House to look forward to.