Thursday, February 16, 2006

Chuck Butcher--Congressional candidate

Our attempts at covering the pending 2nd Congressional District election have been mostly limited to Scott Silver.

In our quest for equal time and access, we'll be doing pieces on all the Democratic candidates who've filed for a chance to go after Greg Walden's seat. So far just Silver and Butcher have officially filed and Steve Bucknam says there are possibly two more on the way in.

Chuck Butcher

Chuck Butcher is from the little burg of Baker City, deep in the heart of red, rural Oregon. He's been very involved in local Democratic politics as this glowing piece from the Baker City Herald notes:

Baker City's Chuck Butcher, who drove the effort to include Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms in the state Democratic Party platform, filed today as a candidate for the Second Congressional District.

Butcher, 52, a construction contractor, will oppose Scott Silver of Bend in the May 16 Democratic primary.

Rep. Greg Walden, a Republican from Hood River, has not yet filed with the state Elections Division. If and when he does, he will oppose Paul A. Daghlian, a Corvallis Republican, in the spring primary.

The two party winners will square off on the Nov. 7 ballot.

Butcher has lived in Baker City since 1988. He attended Michigan Technical University and Wright State University, working as a carpenter during college.

He shoots competitively, hunts, fishes and competes in the National Hot Rod Association's Division 6 Pro Bracket racing outside Boise.

He is married to Scottie Butcher and has two sons, Matt Clark of Florida and Nick Butcher of Baker City.

Butcher represents Baker County as a delegate to the Democratic Party of Oregon's Central Committee and is a member of the Platform and Resolutions Committee and the Rural Caucus.

Strong chops for a red region Democrat. Butcher's commitment to hunting and competitive shooting underscore his commitment to firearms issues. That's a major issue for a candidate running in this geography. And Butcher also articulates a strong commitment to civil liberties, noting Walden's unwavering support of the dreadful USA Patriot Act.

Butcher also notes how Walden continues to tow the Party of DeLay line of trickle-down economics, which creates a major financial disparity for all Americans. But trickle down is most harmful to economically challenged places, like the large pockets of rural Eastern Oregon from which Butcher hails.

To learn more about Chuck, visit his blog. There's information on donating to the campaign (of course). He's also got some pretty interesting background information about himself and his ideas.

(On a side note, they have a really ugly picture of Chuck on that site. I can't stand it. I hope they get something better up really soon.)