Thursday, March 23, 2006

Carla gets letters--from Bill Sizemore!

Not exactly friendly...but in response to my letter/post here it is in its entirety (it didn't come to me in a letter form, btw):

If you made a logical point, perhaps I could respond intelligently. But you don’t. Nothing in my article implies that I believe that citizens should not pay taxes. I pay mine. I do not believe property taxes, which are unrelated to a person’s ability to pay, are a good way to finance government.

I am not a tax protestor, though I believe taxes and government spending are too high. In fact, I am sure they are.

So, do you have guns? Are you a liberal? Do you think government is benevolent, or a dangerous master? Do you think government has become too big and too powerful.

Dear Bill:

I'm dissapointed in your response. The point I made was very logical. If you don't feel you can deliver an intelligent response, I feel comfortable in saying that it has nothing to do with anything I've said.

In your original piece you said:

But I have one question for all you anti-gun, anti-violence liberals. Why is it, if I don’t pay my taxes, you want to send gun toting government agent out to my property to physically take my house away from me?

Please allow me to explore that a bit. Let’s say some conservative doesn’t believe in property taxes and thinks he has a right to really own a piece of property without paying rent to the government to keep it. That’s not such a novel concept, you know. A lot of people feel that way.

I am just speaking figuratively here, but let’s say the sheriff comes out to kick this non taxpaying conservative out of his house and forgets to bring his firearm, or better yet, announces that he will not resort to violence to enforce the law. If that happened, there’s a good chance the conservative, non taxpaying property owner would keep his house and tell the sheriff to go pound sand.

That looks an awful lot to me like a defense mounted to protect people that won't pay taxes.

Further, you say that you're not a tax protester but you're against property taxes. Based on your efforts to roll back those taxes in this state, you do in fact appear to be protesting them. But that's picking nits, I suppose.

What confuses me is the hypocrisy of considering yourself a patriot but be willing to defend those who flout the Constitution by not paying their taxes.

To answer your questions, no I don't have a gun. But I've been around them most all my life and was taught how to use them (I am a fair archer, too). And yes, I'm a liberal. I think government is neither benevolent or a master. I think government is "of the people, by the people and for the people". Is government too powerful? Only when they don't follow the law and aren't held accountable for it.

Perhaps next time in your search for hypocrisy, you could should consider the log in your own eye before investigating the speck in your neighbor's.