Friday, July 21, 2006

Breaking: Sizemore scam makes ballot

Looks like another one of Sleazy Sizemore's initiatives is making the ballot.

Liz at Our Oregon has confirmed that Ballot Initiative 14 has qualified with 79,176 signatures. 75,630 were needed to qualify.

Sizemore turned signatures in for this initiative in May and twice in July, achieving a 65.9% verification rate overall.

According to the Defend Oregon Coalition, this is a particularly nasty measure:

Another false promise from Bill Sizemore.
Sizemore calls this measure a tax cut, but in the end we’ll get far less money than he promises, and it won’t do anything to slow down the skyrocketing costs of living we all face.

Oregon’s kids can’t afford this tax scam. Under this measure, we’d face an effectively retroactive cut of $151 million from the 2005-2007 budget and the "kicker" will be cut by the same amount. In the 2007-2009 budget, revenue for public services will be slashed by and $641 million.

We’ll say it again: This measure is effectively retroactive.
If the tax scam passes, our state schools and other services could lose money they’ve already budgeted.

Oregonians are already consistently faced with a state budget that doesn't meet the needs of public schools. Sizemore is in it to rape us again with another of his false promises--and undermining our kids' education in the process.