Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ron Saxton: Not allowing truth to slow him down!

The wanna-be goobernor of the GOP strain is having a bit of trouble with the truth.

SaxtonWatch has the goods...but here are the lowlights:

Oregonian's Average Income Ron claimed that Oregon's average income ranks 38th in America. It's actually 29th, and, perhaps more relevant to the gubernatorial race, average personal income for Oregonians has increased nearly $3,000 (10 percent) since Governor Kulongoski took office.

Law Enforcement in Oregon Ron told the paper that "citizens in Oregon have less police protection per capita than any other state in the nation." Not even close to true. According to the most recent data from the Department of Justice, Oregon was 14th in the nation in per capita expenditures on public safety.

Growth in State Government Ron also claimed state government has grown 150% in "recent years." If by recent years he means the last decade, then the total state budget is up 131 in real dollars since 1997. And not to forget that the population of Oregon has also increased 113 percent during that period.

He's got no strings on Geppetto?

(Is that too esoteric a reference? I'm soooo old...)