Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sayonara Sleater-Kinney

Portland's darlings will hang it up for the forseeable future Friday and Saturday night at the famed Crystal Ballroom, and you'd better believe the gigs are sold out. I got a reasonably priced ticket from craigslist, so that could be an option if you want to catch some history. As I hear the kids saying all the time, dude--I'm stoked.

Thanks for all the great music, ladies...

Update, 8/13 5pm--
Wow, that kicked ass. Those women rock stone cold hard. It was like watching Blue Cheer, no lie. I'm much more used to the more jangly cuts of early in their career, with the snappy harmonies. This was like Bjork fronting Led Zeppelin or Sonic Youth or the Velvets or something. It was frequently brilliant and universally enjoyable. I do agree that considering the finality and the home audience, the band could have done more to divest themselves of Ticketbastard for the weekend, or at least allowed the Crystal to sell more than FOUR of the tickets for the first night. If you missed all that, a good representation of what you missed is available for mp3 download here.