Sunday, November 19, 2006

Spanning the State--Pre-Tryptophan Edition

In anticipation of Thursday's festival of food and football, I'm going through family recipes today and then making our traditional trip to drop off food for the Oregon Food Bank.

There are several Portland area food drop sites. They also take cash. Donations are badly needed so please help.

Now...let's Span the State!


David Sarasohn at the O has a very important commentary on the need for Oregon to step to fund higher education and make it a priority.

An OSU political science student has an interesting piece on the decline of American evangelism.

A family in Bend that is struggling to care for their severely disabled daughter has chosen to alter her growth with high doses of estrogen. They've done so because as she grows they'll no longer be able to care for her in their home. The move raises all sorts of ethical and moral questions...but it also reminds us that we need to walk a mile in this family's shoes before we judge their decisions.

A mighty army of ravenous crustaceans is chewing away at the Oregon coastline at Hayes Inlet.

A few lucky Eugene residents managed to score PlayStation 3 game consoles buy winning the ability to buy them via a raffle. The consoles sold at Freddie's for $500 each. They're selling on Ebay for around $1300.

Residents of John Day are having difficulty getting Portland stations. Due to a 30 year old study, all Grant County zip codes are considered part of the Boise, Idaho market. Locals are very unhappy with the District Court decision that's forcing the issue and are working to have it changed.

Medford may be forced to shut down several libraries due to the failure of the library levy.

Members of the state ethics panel dismissed a complaint against U of O Prez Dave Frohnmayer.