Sunday, December 10, 2006

Spanning the State: Better late than never edition

I find the weekend coming to a close rather quickly, catching me off guard. I generally sit down late on Saturday evening to begin gathering material for StS. But this weekend was chock full of all sorts of stuff and I was much too tired to sit down with the computer last evening.

Hence Sts is later than normal...but as the saying goes...


Oregonian columnist David Reinhard had a rare moment of lucidity in today's column. Reinhard did what so many conservatives seem to fail to do: he went out among the people and actually paid attention. Reinhard's epiphany about Portland's street kids is a heartfelt piece by a pundit that rarely thinks outside his own sphere. If only he'd get out of his comfort zone a little more often, he might have a shot at emerging from the dark side.

Calling all Springfield/Eugene area readers: Is Dave Ralston a whacko nutball with an ax to grind or is the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency really "headed down an anti-business path"?

The first rule of Fight Club, you do not talk about Fight Club. Unless you live in Medford, then you tell the paper all about it.

When does a campground on federal land cease to be a campground? When the Bush Administration implements another fucked up idea brought on by lack of GOP leadership in DC.

Another week, stupid assed recall effort. I don't understand how people can continue to support recalls without appropriately presented convictions of misconduct/abuse of office. This chaps the hell out of me.

The City of Gresham continues to beat the crap out of WalMart.

Measure 37 claims threaten to drown Lincoln City or at least turn it into a mishmash of a mess. Most all of the claims come from the Drayton brothers of LC--who flooded the city with claims right before the December 4 deadline.