Sunday, January 28, 2007

Spanning the State: "Legal doo-doo" Edition

Its a sunny day here in the Portland Metro area. I've got a lengthy list of things to do today which includes some gardening, an unruly stack of reading and some grocery shopping. I spent part of yesterday doing a guest post for this blog, connected with Chemeketa Community College. The post is an article about the impact of local blogs on the November election.

And now let's Span the State!


How often do you see the phrase legal doo-doo in a news story?

The City of Stayton is working hard to revitalize its downtown. Plans include a beautiful new city hall.

Turmoil is broiling in the Sisters School District. Its Superintendent recently resigned and now the School Board Chair has followed suit. The resignations come in the wake of an attorney general audit that could compel the District to re-pay $1.2 million in state funds deemed improperly awarded.

When you're in Seaside, don't forget to lock your car.

A massive new resort is in the planning stages near Prineville.

A large logging operation on private lands near Falls Creek caused a serious problem for the town's water supply. Mud entering the headwaters of the stream that feeds the water supply forced public works employees to shut down the intake to the water treatment plant to avoid clogging filters and sending dirty water into homes. Further, the entire incident is completely legal.

I'm not a big fan of high dollar toll roads, but lets not be ridiculously heavy handed, shall we?

The LaGrande Observer wants to see pay day lending loopholes closed.

Grant County faces a devastating $9.4 million in cuts to local schools and road services if the federal government doesn't come through with timber payments.