Sunday, February 18, 2007

Spanning the State--real sunshine in Oregon! edition

Its a gorgeous, sunny Sunday here at Casa Carla. I spent a good chunk of yesterday out in my garden cleaning up the flowerbeds and filling my compost bin and yard waste container to the brim. I love these sunny winter days that February generally brings Oregonians. Its a needed respite from the cold and rain...and it gives us gardeners a chance to shake off our cabin fever.

So get off your ass and go get some rays. But first, let's Span the State!


Should I put a movie on my "must-see" list if a PSU college student reviewer calls it surprisingly unshitty?

The tiny rural burg of Camp Sherman is finding itself the next battlefront on the war on Oregon's land use system.

Douglas County is preparing its budget taking into account a complete lack of timber funds from the federal government. Officials will be holding a series of town hall meetings to determine from the public what budget priorities should be.

The McMinnville News Register lays some smack down against Democrats in the legislature and the Guv for not coming up with an immediate plan for the alternative incarceration programs. The editorial staff has warmed up to the plan offered by Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer) whose plan was developed with Steve Doell of Crime Victims United.

The 18 year old mayor of Union is basking in the glow of public attention.

An example of why "private property rights" can have a negative impact on the overall community.

The Bend Source has a profile of city mayor Bruce Abernathy. The Source characterizes Abernathy almost like a progressive in search of ways to be conservative. Interesting stuff.