Monday, March 26, 2007

Speaking of Walking the Walk

There's something that's at the end of every newsletter I get from Avel Gordly:
NOTE regarding reproduction and distribution of Senator Gordly’s newsletters:

Senator Gordly’s newsletters are public property. There are no restrictions on copying or distributing these newsletters. Each newsletter is also posted to Senator Gordly’s legislative website at and all information on that website is also public property. There are no restrictions on downloading, copying or distributing this information. [emph orig]

Gordly went to the extent of seceding from the Democratic caucus because their meetings are still closed, and pledged full sunshine on all of her legislative activities. So it's commendable to see her making good on committments of her own, as more than just so many promises. More than that, though, this is a great example of voluntary renunciation of ownership and copyright, a common-cause declaration reminiscient of the copyleft movement (and to a lesser, some would say more reasonable extent, Creative Commons.)

Kudos! Who else in the legislature wants to match it? Rep. Macpherson, you have a pretty spiffy and regular newsletter; are your emails fully reproducible? Say so! How about you guys at the Speaker's Office? Peter Courtney, please pick up the President's special Blogger hotline...*

*not happening, but it has such a great Commissioner Gordon vibe to it.