Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spanning the State--New Leaf edition

This is the time of year when I spend as much time as humanly possible in my garden. I've been working on a couple of major gardening projects: new raised beds and the building of a new "garden room" (I've tried tried to divide my garden into a series of smaller beds called "rooms" which I design and manage a little at a time) at the side of my house. The raised beds were finished up yesterday and the new room is now ready for planting.

The fun part really gets going today. I'm off to New Leaf Nursery in a bit to start choosing some of the plants that will go into the new raised beds and the room.

But before I head off to Carla's nirvana...let's Span the State!


The Ontario Argus Observer reprinted the assinine David Broder attack on Harry Reid (which prompted unprecedented Democratic unity). Only when the Argus reprinted it, they neglected to note that the author is David Broder. The Argus tends to come across as pretty amateurish compared to most of the papers I check for this weekly missive--but this is weak by even their standard.

Following a week where Oregon Republicans went out of their way to scuttle health insurance for Oregon's kids, the Medford Mail Trib has a front pager on a local clinic who treats patients with no insurance, many of whom are children. The article notes that those with no insurance pay $25 for a visit--and for some this means that the family will be short on groceries that week.

Students from Brookings-Harbor High School are planning a protest against budget cuts for their school. According to the local paper, students and some parents are afraid to go on record about their support for the protest because they're afraid of reprisal from members of the community.

So Gordon Smith failed for three years to secure a county timber payments extension while his party was in total control in DC. Now we have to futz around with it some more because the Republicans in Washington are too busy trying to save the President from self destructing their party.

WalMart is trying to "super-size" its store in the Cottage Grove area. The dustup over the issue appears to be overwhelming the local land use system and generally pissing people off.

Corbett has denied a massive Measure 37 claim. The money quote (so to speak) against the claimants came from a local woman: "Please stop this absolute insanity,” she said. “This seems to be about greed and privilege.” That sentiment seems to follow around many M37 claims.

The paper of record in Madras has a laundry list of how the local school district is fucking up. It makes me wonder how many conservatives are in charge--given that its Madras. Generally when people who don't believe in government are put in charge of government-funded stuff, they screw it up royally. What's going on in Madras would seem to fit that pattern.

Douglas County is considering a a new 911 emergency response system that would reduce the number of dispatches for emergency crews for nonemergencies. Some in the area are unhappy with the proposal because its expensive. No word on whether they've calculated the expense of sending crews out needlessly vs the expense of the new $70,000 program.

Resorts planned for the Metolius River Basin are bumping against the very formidable Senator Ben Westlund, who is sponsoring SB 30. The legislation would prohibit destination resort development within three miles of the Metolius River Basin.