Sunday, April 01, 2007

Spanning the State--Out Like a Lamb Edition

And no, I don't mean "out" like Just Out (recently added to the Loaded Media blogroll on the right sidebar). Obviously its the second half to the trite old saying about the month of March: In like a lion; out like a lamb. Its a gorgeous (if not butt nuts cold) morning here at Casa Carla.

And now, lets Span the State!


There seems to be some cognitive dissonance happening in Jefferson County, particularly in the cranial shell of Jefferson County Commissioner Bill Bellamy. Bellamy is apparently set on seeing through two destination resorts on the Metolius River. The Metolius River Basin is one of the most pristine and beautiful areas of our state. Despite a well organized and vocal resistance, Bellamy appears ready to flout the will of locals and push ahead. However one road block to Bellamy's Folly is Senate Bill 30, which would keep destination resorts at least three miles from the Metolius River Basin. The Hearing for SB30 is Thursday, April 5 at 8:00--Hearing Room B at the Capitol in Salem. The public is invitied to testify so if you can make it, show up.

A $7.6 million Measure 37 claim in Tillamook County has been rejected by county commissioners. The claimants are represented by Oregonians in Action's Ross Day.

The community in Sisters is still recovering from the firing of a teacher who was supplementing his Biology class with religious material.

To the likely chagrin of Ted Ferrioli and Wayne Scott, the Guv's presence at the Capitol is frequent and high profile this session.

The Roseburg News Review uses its editorial license to hand out virtual roses and thorns to various local folks and issues. It reminds me of the Winners and Losers segment in Willy Week--only without the snark.

If you're in the mood for a hefty dose of depressing, nasty and otherwise prozac-inducing news, hurry over to The Bend Weekly and check out the Bend Weekly Headline News. There's a feature that allows you to scroll through the week's headlines, which include: Two men injured in a head-on dirtbike crash,Two Bend men arrested in Central Oregon meth sales,Bend doctor arrested for sexually abusing two patients,Police to investigate third fire; latest NE Bend home blaze ‘human-caused’,Transient arrested for NE Bend burglary,Drunk driver arrested in Hwy. 126 crash,Meth, heroin top list for Oregon drug-related deaths,Two Oregon residents plead guilty in massive fraud case. There's more, but I don't want our readers to slit their wrists. Jeez. Most of these pieces were written by reporter Cheryl McDermott--who either has a greater constitution than I do or can't seem to find much good news in Bend.

Thank goodness for the Baker City Herald--whose big headline is about the re-opening of the town's movie theatre on May 4, just in time to show Spiderman 3.

The Ashland Daily Tidings has a profile of its LIBERAL State Representative, Peter Buckley. LIBERAL is emphasized because the piece demonstrates not only Buckley's pride and embracing of the label--he exercises those values and beliefs as well.