Sunday, May 20, 2007

Spanning the State--They think you're stupid, edition

The twice-weekly waste that is David Reinhard's Oregonian column continues to remain consistent. Today, Reinhard postulates that opponents of Measure 37 think that the electorate is stupid. Reinhard makes this claim because opponents say that voters didn't know what they were getting when they voted for the Measure. Reinhard says they did. But as per usual, the facts don't jive with what Reinhard writes. In reality, its Reinhard who thinks we're stupid.

And now, let's Span the State!


Due to a shortage of domestically trained nurses, Rogue Valley Medical Center is hiring foreign trained nurses. RVMC expects to hire a lot more of their nursing staff from the foreign-trained pool as they lose more of the American trained staff to attrition.

The Albany-Herald's editorial staff published a joke of an editorial this week about gas prices. First, they quote a mysteriously unnamed "state economist" about the drag on the economy due to gas prices. But their solution may have been written by Exxon-Mobil: more drilling in the US territories. No calls for alternative fuel cars and sources. No discussion of collusion by refinaries to jack prices up. Just the old canard that despite massive evidence to the contrary, drilling in ANWR is the solution.

A social studies teacher at Baker Middle School has facilitated staff and student participation in raising funds to give loans to low income entrepeneurs in developing countries. Teacher Bill Mitchell learned of the KIVA program of sponsoring these small businesses last summer. Their efforts fit in perfectly with this year's school-wide theme: "service to others". So far, they've been able to use their $725 in donations to give loans to eight different businesses.

The Bend-LaPine School District is seeing a sharp rise in the number of students diagnosed with autism.

A catfight of soap operatic proportions is brewing in North Bend. Ocean Air Aviation owner Ed Langerveld and Coos County Airport District Board Director Helen Brunell Mineau are having a very public spat about activity and conduct at the local airport. Charges of favoritism and unethical behavior are flying. The airport is becoming a crucial part of the local economy due to the wildly popular Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.

The Eugene Weekly has noted that Eugene City Manager Dennis Taylor is asking the city for a raise BEFORE his performance evaluation. EW says that historically, Taylor's reviews have been mixed--conservatives on the city council tend to like him, progressives on the council find him lacking. Mayor Kitty Piercy appears in favor of the pre-review meeting, saying that the council should make sure that the City Manager's salary is commensurate with other city managers around the nation.

A really creepy looking pharmacist in Hermiston has been busted for 24 separate violations of pharmacy rules/statutes.

The Madras Pioneer paper has a considerably one-sided piece on Senate Bill 30, which would ban destination resorts within 3 miles of the Metolius River. The bill is sponsored by Ben Westlund--who reporter Holly Gill doesn't bother to quote in the piece. But Gill happily quotes Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day).

AP writer Brad Cain has a nice write-up about Steve Novick.