Monday, June 18, 2007

Spanning the State--Monday Monday Edition

Our absence this weekend left Loaded Orygun without a writer to pick up the slack for our regular Sunday column: Spanning the State. But since I'm back (TJ is still MIA), blogging has resumed.

Thus without further ado and with all due props to The Mamas and the Papas, let's Span the State!


The good folks over at The Dalles Chronicle have a developed a way for locals to be tourists in their own backyard. The paper has created a list of great day and weekend trips for locals to seek out--while saving money not having to dump as much cash into the gas tank.

The 24th Annual Junior Police Fishing Derby at Detroit Lake was forced to relocate after the Oregon Department of Human Services issued a warning about potentially toxic levels of blue and green algae along the south shore of the lake.

Republicans tell us that they don't like "big government", until something happens that puts it all into perspective. Then big government is just hunky dory. I very much hope that Senator Winters' family pull through their illnesses unscathed. But I do find it ironic that she's seeking a government solution to an enviornmental problem linked to a private business.

Thurston High School shooter Kip Kinkel is arguing for a new trial. Kinkel's attornies are expected to make the case that Kinkel was incapable of understanding his guilty plea because of a mental illness.

Just so progressives understand what they're up against when it comes to gun control and whacknutters, fasten your seat belts (and scroll down to the second letter on the page). The linked LTE calls for the abolishment of the Gun Control Act of 1968. This guy is waaaaaaaay over the edge.

The Coos Bay World takes a look at the effects of suicide on the survivors.

The Eugene Weekly examines how the federal government labels terrorists and terrorism and the net effect those labels have on political speech throughout the country.