Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Oregonians for Relationship Equality, Straight Up

If promoting civil equality for gay couples is simply part of a (hidden?) "gay agenda," it would stand to reason that since heterosexuals have nothing to gain from the agenda, few of them would bother to rally for a cause that doesn't affect them, right?

Of course, that's not the case--lots of people who are straight nonetheless take up the banner for full relational equality, both in this country and specifically in Oregon. Carla and I are both "breeders," but we've always supported same-sex marriage, and at a bare minimum equal partnership rights. There are a lot of us, more than you may think--all believing that if some of us are still held back, then the fight for liberty is not over. Fifty Oregonians, from all parts of the state, have joined to help Basic Rights Oregon educate folks on why relational equality matters to all of us, and to form a bulwark against any referendum repeal of civil unions:
We know that families come in all varieties and it is our strong belief that ALL Oregon families deserve to have the rights, responsibilities and protections necessary to keep each other safe in times of crisis.

The 50 Voices For Equality campaign is meant to demonstrate the broad cross-section of straight Oregonians who support relationship equality for Oregon's committed same-sex couples and their families. These 50 Oregonians also believe that discrimination of any kind is wrong and ought to be against the law.

From the faith and business communities, to farmers and grandparents--freedom from discrimination for gay and lesbian Oregonians is a belief shared by a large majority of Oregonians.
They've also put together a pretty cool video you can watch here, to get you to meet some of those 50 voices and hear their stories.

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