Friday, February 24, 2006

Atkinson: Don't Judge the Law; Vote with the Majority!

reprinted in full from Resistance is Futile, because Atkinson doesn't seem to have it up on his own website:



February 21, 2006

Contact: Lara Wettig

Atkinson Statement on Measure 37 Decision

Tigard, Oregon – State Senator and Candidate for Governor Jason Atkinson commented on today’s Oregon Supreme Court decision upholding the constitutionality of Measure 37.

"Today’s Oregon Supreme Court decision on Measure 37 is great news for Oregon and upholds my view that the will of Oregonians should be respected," said Atkinson. "Our state is governed by laws created by the Legislature and by the people through the initiative and referendum process as equal partners. In recent years, Oregon’s courts have been all too willing to strike down measures passed by majorities of their fellow citizens. As Governor, I will respect the decisions made by the people of this state, and appoint judges who will do the same."

First of all, what the hell is that logo about? Is he the Junior Birdman? Does it signify his position as the flyweight candidate?

Eh, I digress. Here we have a theoretically serious candidate for Goobernor, openly calling for judges to ignore the law and the state constitution, and simply "respect the decisions made by the people of this state." Do we need to trot out the old "Measure 666: Bring back slavery" example to hammer home why "respecting the decisions of the people" is a ridiculous way to run a Supreme Court?

Why on earth would Oregon want a chief executive so poorly educated in the principles of jurisprudence? What kind of court looks at the polls or election results to determine what's constitutional and what isn't? Call me old-fashioned, but I kind of prefer the tried and true, humdrum process of days gone by: review case law precedents, refer to the founding documents, and then apply the law as directly related to the question at hand. It's neither flashy nor headline-grabbing, but it does prevent the application of dumbass laws that people will later regret passing.