Wednesday, February 22, 2006

M37 victors gloat, Rome burns

I see the OIA folks are doling out their thanks to the individuals who assisted them in raping Oregon's land use laws. I suppose that's the least they can do. Of course as soon as some corporation wants to build a stinking pile of corporate excess next to their kids' backyard play structure, they'll be screeching like spoiled children in the checkout line at WalMart.

Not all the M37 victory kids are doing cartwheels today, however. Some are mighty pissed that The O and the Statesman Journal aren't offering glowing headlines of this phyrric victory:

The Salem Statesmen Journal has these three:

Mixed opinions greet court's land-use ruling
Measure 37 legal interpretations remain unresolved
High court doesn't address Measure 37's reach

While The Oregonian has this one:
Court clears the way for 37 kinds of damage

Now I'm not a lawyer but I think that once the Supreme Court decides something that the "legal intrepretations" are no longer "unresolved." As for "mixed opinions" there is nothing that will ever be unanimous but 67% is pretty damn close in politics.

As for the state's largest Fishwrapper, what can I say: They hate everyone who doesn't live in the Pearl District.

No Daniel, you're not a lawyer. That much is obvious. But did you bother to read any of those stories from where you took the headlines?

Oregonians are in fact divided on this issue. I think at least some feel snookered at the way it was marketed to citizens. And even some who support it want the legislature to narrow its scope. What's so tough to figure out?

Further, the Oregon Supreme Court didn't address the legal interpretation of 37. That's left the state with various local governments to make individual interpretations of their own. Hence the 37 kinds of damage that the O alludes to.

As far as the Oregonian hating "everyone who doesn't live in the Pearl District"..nice chip on your shoulder. Who says elitist snob classism isn't part and parcel of conservatism?