Sunday, February 19, 2006

Unhappy campers emerge from Multnomah Co Dem Mtg

The proposed Working Families Party may start gaining a rapid following if comments here at LO are an indicator:

Ever wonder why some progressives are seriously talking about the Working Families Party as an alternative to the Demo's.

To find out all you had to do was attend the fiasco at Portland State this weekend to see why some are trying to find a party that means something. Just ask Cindy Banzer, Tina Kotek, Lynn Partin or Mary Botkin about over-doses of disrespect and outrageous treatment.

If you are prone to abuse want to get run over by a bunch of no names with no history, no memory and no concience just attend the Mult County Dems for a treatment. If you don't like the way they do business just wait - they'll change the rules while you take a break and then refuse to give you a copy. No wonder they suffer from a lack of quality officials and money.


the mult dems endorsements were bizarre

looks like they're going the way of the eastside democrats - the people with the area 51 and jfk conspiracy theories

I have no idea if these comments are just sour grapes or if something inappropriate took place at the Multnomah County Dems Primary Endorsement Meeting yesterday afternoon. I didn't attend and I don't think TJ did either.

Where does this frustration and discontent come from? If you attended the meeting..what happened? Please don't post rumor and conjecture. If you were there, tell us what went on.