Saturday, February 18, 2006

Note to self: Never piss off Nigel Jaquiss

You know it's not going to be a flattering article when your face is photoshopped inside a washing machine.

Spin Ginny

WW's premiere journalist takes Portland City Commissioner Candidate Ginny Burdick to the woodshed..and Ginny comes out looking pretty lame-assed:

Befitting a longtime politico and PR consultant with Gard & Gerber, Burdick's communication is slick. To answer the question of whether it's accurate, here's a comparison of what she says and what she's done:

The Spin
A self-styled outsider, Burdick refers on her website to Sten as a "10-year incumbent" and says she'll run a "grass roots campaign."
The Truth
Burdick, 58, is also a 10-year incumbent, representing Southwest Portland and part of northeast Washington County in the Oregon Senate since 1996. Her insider status began a decade earlier when she was the spokeswoman for Neil Goldschmidt's 1986 gubernatorial campaign. After Goldschmidt won, he appointed her to the powerful Land Conservation and Development Commission. Burdick's campaign manager, Ed Grosswiler, nevertheless insists that the 38-year-old Sten is the career pol, having worked full-time at City Hall as an aide and commissioner for 16 years.

That's just a small taste. Go read the rest on your own. Jacquiss eviscerates Burdick's campaign claims, going after specific parts of Burdick's previously held convictions that don't stack up with what the campaign literature says.

I don't have a horse in this race because I don't live inside the area where the Portland City Commission has authority. Sten seems to have his share of critics that want his ass out of there.

If I lived in the Commission's jurisdiction, I'd be wary of voting for Ginny Burdick. Maybe she's just having a string of bad press. But when I stack this Jacquiss piece up with the double dipping revelations, Burdick isn't coming out smelling like a rose.