Monday, February 20, 2006

Oregon--The Quiz

How much do you know about Oregon? Daring enough to find out?

I lifted this quiz from the Baker City Herald. Check the comments for the answers and to see how I did.

1. The Universal Almanac lists the following "noteworthy places" in Oregon. Add one point for each place you've visited (Internet sites don't count):

Bonneville Dam; Columbia River Gorge; Columbia River Museum in Astoria; Crater Lake National Park; Fort Clatsop; Hells Canyon; High Desert Museum near Bend; John Day Fossil Beds; Mount Hood; Oregon Caves; Oregon Dunes; Cape Perpetua; Timberline Lodge.

2. Any state can have its own flower and tree (and most of them do). Oregon's official flower is the Oregon grape, and its tree is the Douglas-fir. But our Legislature wasn't satisfied with designating flora alone. Name Oregon's state dance, insect and drink (one point each):

3. In February 1999 a freighter ran aground off the Oregon Coast. The ship proved quite obstinate, resisting the Navy's attempts to set it afire, then breaking into two pieces, one of which, after being towed 40 miles away, drifted back toward shore when the tow line snapped. Name the ship (one point):

4. The Oregon Coast Aquarium was the temporary home for a killer whale/movie star. Name the whale and the movie (two points):

5. Name the Oregon governor who famously suggested that non-Oregonians were welcome to visit the state, but that they shouldn't stay (one point, with two bonus points if you know that governor's political affiliation):

6. Some of Oregon's colleges and universities have unusual mascots for their athletic teams. Match the mascot with the school (one point each):

Boxers, Ducks, Pilots, Beavers, Owls

University of Oregon, Oregon Institute of Technology, University of Portland, Pacific University, Oregon State University

7. Western Oregon is renowned for rain (although climatically uninformed people often describe the entire state as a damp place, even though two-thirds of Oregon's land more resembles a desert than a rainforest). Which of these cities is wetter, on average, than Portland?

New York City, Chicago, Boston, St. Louis, Miami

8. Two Oregon towns share the record for the coldest temperature ever recorded in the state. Name the towns (one point each, plus a bonus point if you know the record temperature):

9. Oregon borders four states. Name them (four points, one bonus point if you can name which state you'd enter if you drove south from Lakeview on Highway 395):

10. Oregon has 29 mountains taller than 9,000 feet. Which range boasts the most — the Cascades, Wallowas or Klamaths? (one bonus point if you can name the alternate name for the Klamaths):

11. Name the three 9,000-foot-plus peaks that aren't in any of the three ranges listed in question 10:

12. What's the most populous city on the Oregon Coast — Newport, Florence, Brookings, Astoria, Seaside or Coos Bay? (one point):

13. Oregon's only major professional sports franchise is the Portland Trail Blazers. What year did the Blazers win their only NBA championship? (one bonus point if you can name the team they beat in the NBA Finals):

14. Name Oregon's smallest and largest counties, by size and population (four points, one point each):