Sunday, February 26, 2006

Interesting tidbits from around Orygun

Color me impressed--the folks over at La Grande Observer understand the Measure 37 Mess:

Measure 37 isn't the answer to Oregonians' frustrations. Over time it will simply beget new frustrations, conflicting uses and unintended impacts. Measure 37 was a wake-up call to state and legislative officials who for years sat on their hands and refused to address the problems and inequities that had developed. And that's where Oregon's new task force on land use fits into the equation. Periodic review of the system is long overdue.

Who says that the east side and the west side of the Cascades have no common ground?

The Jackson County Mail Tribune has noticed a distinctly bad odor permeating from the Dubai port deal and the Bush Administration. The Mail Trib also remarked on the bipartisan concern on this issue: both DeFazio and Walden expressed reservations. The Dalles Chronicle has a very similar editorial.

Down in Roseburg, the News Review has coverage of the arraignment of Vincent Wayne Leodoro, the young man who witnesses say shot a classmate last Thursday at Roseburg High School.

And last but in my opinion not least, Willamette Week's Ivy Manning has the inside baseball on Portland's Liquid Revolution. AKA: If you want a great cocktail, Portland is the place to be.

That's something that the peeps on the east and west sides of the state can come together on as well: booze.