Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Love God And His GOP Fetish

You just can't make this stuff up.

Yesterday's O reported that former Oregonian and current Las Vegas resident Loren Parks is the top donor for Oregon ballot initiatives this cycle. Parks has given upwards of $250,000 to three rightwing initiatives attempting to find their way to Oregon voters in November.

Parks has a history of funding and supporting dubious and unconstitutional ballot measures in Oregon. He's also played footsies with perennial conservative GOP gubernatorial candidate Kevin Mannix.

Parks has an obvious thing for conservative politics. The more conservative the better.

I'm thinking this fetish with rightwing ideology is meant to bring balance to his other, kinkier side. (I considered excerpting sections of that link, but honestly I couldn't find a section that I thought wouldn't get this blog an "XXX" rating--if you're under the age of 18, its probably illegal for you to read it).

Parks was also slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit back in 2001:

On Nov. 23, 2001, Guerin, 56, filed a complaint against Parks with the Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries. Her complaint, which forms the basis of last week's lawsuit, claims the 75-year-old Aloha inventor pressured her into having sex with him while accompanying him on overseas trips and sent her and other employees frequent emails bearing graphic sexual images, statements and jokes.

Parks claims to be able to do everything from curing dyslexia to turning women into sex machines with his brand of hypnotherapy.

In other words...he's a perv whackjob.

But he's a rich perv whackjob. And the whackos taking money for the conservative money laundering groups in Oregon are more than willing to take Parks' cash.

So which is worse? Being a rich, filthy pig whose trying to compensate for a bad replay of The Love God?, or the hypocrite conservatives who continue to bathe in his loot?

(Parks does kind of look a little bit like Don Knotts, incidentally.)