Thursday, February 09, 2006

**Update2**: When Forest Science Gets Burned--now back to your regularly scheduled rollercoaster

January 6: Student publishes study that potentially pulls the rug out of conventional forest science wisdom, pissing off his OSU professors. And coincidentally, counters much of the Bush Administration's basis for forest management legislation.

January 20: Reports surface that OSU professors attempted to block publication of the research. Public outcry ensues. No one in the leadership of the Department of Forestry bats an eyelash.

February 1: OSU professor insists on derailing the study despite looking like a complete ass.

February 7: The Bush Administration yanks the federal funding for the project.

February 8: Two Northwest legislators demand an inquiry into the political nature of the removal of the funding.

February 9: Bush Adminstration magically decides to restore the funding.

Jeez. Getting down to good science obviously isn't the goal. Averting another PR disaster is. Guess that timber company cash in the coffers isn't worth quite as much as dodging another PR mess.