Monday, February 06, 2006

Joe Trippi Meets With Kitzhaber in PDX

We were hoping to score our second scoop in as many days on this one, but it seems that word leaked out to a reader at PoliticalWire this morning. As the headline indicates, former Howard Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi came to Portland last Tuesday, and met with former governor John Kitzhaber. Where did they meet? Can't tell ya. How long did they meet? Uncertain. What did they talk about? Who knows, although it probably wasn't the delay in Harry and David's IPO offering. It's a good bet, though, that they talked about how Kitzhaber's focus on totally remaking our health care system might be extrapolated into the national politic.

Even without the juicy details, it's awfully fun to speculate: iconoclastic former governor from a strongly liberal state; doctor; frustrated with current political campaign paradigms; check, check, check. Are these the beginnings of a nascent inquiry into Kitzhaber's national prospects? Mmmmmmmaybe. Should you stay tuned to LO for more tickles and updates on this and other breaking political tips? Doubtless!