Friday, February 03, 2006

Walden dumps all over Oregon values

The scandal soaked Republican Party elected a new leader yesterday. The Republicans couldn't manage to find a single candidate that was left untainted by the Abramoff scandal. Instead, they managed to trot out three white guys with varying degrees of Abramoff/DeLay stink.

The worst of the offenders was far and away Roy Blunt:

Rep. Roy Blunt and the man he wants to succeed as House majority leader, Tom DeLay, shared similar connections to convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff and to corporate lobbyists.
Blunt, R-Mo., wrote at least three letters helpful to Abramoff clients while collecting money from them. He swapped donations between his and DeLay's political groups, ultimately enriching the Missouri political campaign of his son Matt.

And Blunt's wife and another son, Andrew, lobby for many of the same companies that donate to the lawmaker's political efforts.

Blunt is obviously dirty..up to his eyeballs in DeLay associated political crap.

You'd think that Walden would want to be as far away from that mess as possible. Nope. Walden publically supported Blunt for the House GOP leadership slot.

Maybe that's due to Walden's own nefarious connections to DeLay. Birds of a feather, they say.

Walden also proves he could give a rat's ass about the poor, the elderly, kids and students when he voted to slash billions from Medicaid, student loan programs and other programs to assist low income families.

But since most of those demographics can't write Walden a big, fat campaign check, what the hell does it matter to him?

It doesn't end there, of course. Its practically a lock that Walden will vote for the next whopping tax cut for the rich. Has this guy ever seen a tax cut or a corporate welfare program he won't vote for?

So here's Walden in a nutshell:

* Old and sick people can't write fat campaign checks--screw them over by slashing Medicaid

* Students can't write fat campaign checks--screw them over by slashing student loans

* Poor people can't write fat campaign checks--screw them by slash programs that give them assistance

* Wealthy people can write fat campaign checks--give them tax breaks

* Corporations can write fat campaign checks--give them tax shelters and loopholes and corporate welfare

This is not what Oregonians are about.