Thursday, February 02, 2006

Gordon Smith's Bad Habit

Our boy Gordon has a very bad habit. Its so bad in fact that he may need a 12 step program to break him of this nasty, unattractive and ugly addiction.

So what's got Gordon by the tail? He's addicted to tax cuts:

What’s a trillion dollar price tag mean? That means Gordon Smith is willing to spend $1.9 billion a week to improve the lives of the Paris Hiltons of the country. Contrary to the wildly exaggerated claims of repeal supporters, repealing the estate tax would affect just two out of every 100 deaths each year. The beneficiaries of these estates are not ordinary working people or business owners, but some extremely rich heirs.

$1.9 billion a week...that's a lot of tax cut freebasing.

And it isn't we regular folks who are benefitting from this tax cut frenzy. These tax cuts aren't creating jobs. In fact, the tax cuts may be contributing to a weakened spending power for Americans:

The number of good quality jobs (defined as those paying at least $16 an hour, providing employer-paid health insurance, and providing a pension) has remained flat at 25% of all workers.

And let us not forget that real wages (meaning the spending power of the dollars we earn) are on a downward spiral, even with the stronger productivity and GDP we've been seeing.

In essence, middle America being screwed sideways by Bushonomics.

Now Smith isn't just in this to force you into the poorhouse with piss poor paying jobs and worthless dollars in your pocket. He's got a multi-pronged approach.

Gordon Smith is one of those good old fashioned borrow and spend Republicans, who waxes euphoric over tax cuts but doesn't want to dish up the spending cuts to cover the shortage in tax revenue.

Bend over America..Gordon has some debts that need paying.

Its not a total loss, however. At least the home region is getting its share of Smith Pork:

City gains extra $2 million

The new proposed Barnhart Road will enter the Eastern Oregon Regional Airport area from the west.

PENDLETON — Congress has appropriated $2 million more for extending Barnhart Road from Interstate 84 to the city’s industrial land near the Eastern Oregon Regional Airport.

City Manager Larry Lehman said the original project was expected to cost about $4.6 million, but with the additional $2 million, about $5.9 million will be available, so the city plans to expand.