Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Vicki Walker Pulls Out of Goobernor's Race

Looks like the rumors were true:
I believe under the strong guidance of Senators Peter Courtney and Kate Brown, the Oregon State Senate is prepared to move forward on these pressing issues. They are committed to taking bold action as evidenced by the strength of the interim committees and the high marks given to the work of the Public Commission on the Legislature. I do not believe it is business as usual any longer. I do believe it will take the strength and commitment of the entire Legislative Assembly to begin Gov. Kitzhaber’s “revolution of ideas to replace resignation with hope, and disengagement with community-based activism.” That is why after lengthy deliberation, and many private walks on the beach, I have decided that I cannot leave my constituents without a seat and a voice at the table in the Oregon State Senate.

Now is not the time to run for Governor.

It is always challenging to try and do a job better. I’m committed to doing that, as are my colleagues in the Senate. I am delighted to be rejoining my colleagues. I’m excited about the possibilities. We can do great things. We can build a better future for Oregon. There is much yet to be done.

So, fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen. Make sure your seatbacks are upright and your tray tables are locked. Oregonians are in for an inspirational and exciting ride as we embark on our journey to make Oregon a better place to live and work.
You can read the rest of Walker's announcement here; other than the airline metaphors it's fairly boilerplate. I did find it interesting that she mentioned "Governor Kitzhaber" three times; Kulongoski--the man she'd actually be working with assuming Ted holds serve in the election--not at all. If she's pissed at Kitz for dilly-dallying too long with his own decision, she doesn't show it.

All told, this is probably good news for the Democrats. Walker's Senate seat wasn't likely to have been up for grabs even if she'd left it open, but keeping a veteran pol in the house is generally preferable to grooming a rookie, all else equal. Plus it clears another obstacle from Kulongoski's rearview mirror, dampening the potential acerbism of a heated primary contest.

Wow: three posts in my short LO history, and all of them have something to do with Vicki Walker. No, I am not obsessed. Just a coincidence; plenty of non-Vicki news to follow.