Friday, March 31, 2006

Oregon media continues to give Gordon Smith a pass

Either Gordon Smith has greased a lot of media palms in this state or Smith has some good dirt on all of them.

What other explanation is there for the fact that so many of his crappy, anti-Oregon votes go unreported?

Today over at Senate Majority Project,Srinu Sonti has a write up on Smith's vote to kill lobbying reform in DC:

Senator Gordon Smith joined fellow conservatives in killing a proposal to create an independent ethics commission. The vote, which was the only significant response to the spate of GOP lobbying scandals, would have had a non-partisan outside government agency conduct ethics investigations into the actions of members of Congress.

With so many lobbying and ethics scandals plaguing the Republican Party right now, you'd think the media would notice if our Reps and Senators were voting against independent ethics commissions.

Apparently not. I can find no Oregon newspaper or Oregon television story on this vote.

Last week, this same Oregon media completey ignored Smith's vote FOR drilling in ANWR.

Look for yourself.