Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Haldol Goobernor Candidate

If Oregonians are in the mood to wax fondly for the days of yesteryear, perhaps they'll hire this guy to be the next goobernor:

Gordon Leitch, Republican candidate for governor, surprised state elections workers when he paid his $100 filing fee in gold, handing over five gleaming $20 Double Eagles.

His candidacy was rejected, however, when elections officials were unable to deposit the money in a bank.

"There was just too big a discrepancy" between the cost of the filing fee and the actual value of the gold coins, said Fred Neal, campaign finance manager for the state Elections Division. The state gave back the gold coins.

That was in December. Earlier this month, Leitch was back at the division office, this time with 100 silver dollars to pay his filing fee, plus two other bags containing a total of 1,000 silver dollars to cover the cost of a statement in the Voters' Pamphlet.

Both times, Leitch brought along a photographer with a video camera.

"I've got a record of it," he told The Oregonian. He said he believes gold and silver is the only legal monetary system.

Gordon Leitch--Your 19th Century goobernatorial alternative.

I might believe in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and that gorgeous woman looking back at me in the mirror is really Jackie Kennedy Onassis--but the only thing I'll yield from those beliefs is a straight jacket and a big dose of Haldol.

And while I think someone would have to be crazy to run for governor of this state (or any state--its a very tough job)...not THIS crazy.