Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday: Spanning the State

It's Sunday! Time for our traditional LO linkfest of goings on around Oregon.

How Much Greed Can We Afford? The editorial board at the Ashland Daily Tidings outlines a plundering of Oregon's natural and economic resources in the name of pandering to a few bottom line bean counters. Its an interesting look one aspect of capitalism that feeds into the law of unintended consequences.

The organic food craze has managed to push its way even to the small town of John Day. Hey..cowpokes needs pesticide free tomatoes, too.

Oregonians in the wood products industry are facing an aging workforce and large number of pending retirements through 2014 (the average age for a logger in Oregon is 47--wow). So while the forest industry continues to lose jobs, it appears that there will actually be a crisis in terms of replacement workforce in the industry.

Some folks in Central Oregon are grappling with the fact that all politics is local,but all homeowners aren't.

The Statesman Journal in Salem is looking for folks to rewrite their editiorials on topics from this last week's paper. It seems the editorial staff has been receiving complaints about their points of view and their style. They're looking for readers who are willing to pony up their own pieces for submission.

At least one real estate/investment advisor thinks Bend's housing market is about to undergo a major cooldown and is about to bail out.