Saturday, March 25, 2006

Sizemore email saga: Part 3

The Bill Sizemore email exchange has been one of the more entertaining parts of my week this week (yeah, I should probably get out more..but still). I received his third reply yesterday. Here it is:

Nothing in my article was defending tax dodgers. The point is that liberals resort to the violence they say they abhor if someone doesn’t pay their taxes, which makes them hypocrites. I didn’t even say that the government ought not show up with guns when someone refused to pay, only that it is hypocritical for liberals to send them. It would not be hypocritical for conservatives to send them out. We know that government is ultimately about force, whether we like it or not. It is just that liberals act if it is not. Do you get my point now that I have spelled out the obvious message of my article? The article has nothing to do with defending tax dodgers. Everyone has to pay their taxes. If you don’t like the tax laws, change the law. That has always been my position and in fact my habit.

Dear Bill:

I understand that you think you weren't defending tax dodgers. But I've already demonstrated to you that this was exactly what you were doing. Your "liberals are hypocrites" point was a means to get there and a poor one at that, as I've also shown. If these weren't your intended points, then perhaps in the future you should more carefully word your articles.

I know that government is "of the people, by the people and for the people". It isn't the evil entity of boogeymen that you try to make it out to be. Government is US. We are the ones that give government power and take it away.

Taxes are our privilege and our duty. I'm proud to be an American and an Oregonian. I'm also very proud to be a liberal. In the future you might consider that there are liberals who love their country just as much as some conservatives say they do. Maybe more. And your broadbrush painting of all of us is unfair, unreasonable and dishonest.

Unless of course "unfair, unreasonable and dishonest" is what you're going for.