Friday, March 24, 2006

So I guess Sizemore won't be inviting me to his next soiree

Bill and I have quite an exhange going:

You wrote to me, Carla. I didn’t write to you first and didn’t write my article about you.

Do you support a sales tax? If not, then you are a tax protestor by your definition. Do you support tripling your property taxes? If not, you are a protestor or would be if someone proposed a bill doing that.

In other words, you make little sense. I have been accused by sharper folks, and more polite ones

I guess this means I'm supposed to feel all chastized now.

My reply:

Dear Bill:

You in fact did write your article about me. When you decided to make sweeping generalizations about liberals (and we've already established that I am one) you wrote about me. I don't know if I support a sales tax. Its unlikely, but I'd consider the proposals if they were made. I certainly wouldn't be defending people who refused to pay it, were it made legal.

The point that's eluding you here Bill is that you are defending the practice of tax dodging. It's anti-Constitution and absolutely unAmerican.

Were you to consider me "sharp", I'm not so sure that would be a compliment under the circumstances. Given that you are mounting a defense of tax protesters couched in a broadbrushed backhand at liberals, your definition of "sharp" is suspect.

And why you'd expect to be treated politely after the shabby way you've spoken about so many of your fellow Americans, is a mystery.