Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spanning the bring you a constant variety of Orygun goodness...

Sunday is when we here at LO strive to find snippets of interesting things from around the Beaver State...all wrapped up in a shiny, easy-to-digest package of goodies. Today's offerings....

Pride, heartache, love, frustration, anger, terror. The Klamath Herald and News profiles several local families and a soldier, dealing with separation due to war.

Our presumptive new Secretary of the Interior for the Bush Administration isn't getting much love from the editorial staff of the Register Guard in Eugene. They've a laundry list as to why they think Dirk Kempthorne is a "patently anti-enviornmental" choice. It is a Bush appointee after all. Expecting one of his to follow the law and be competent is like expecting money to grow on trees. It'd be nice...but you're a fool for hoping.

The O slices and dices PR spinmeister Brian Gard, who seems to have a knack for being on the wrong side of every issue. Likely because the teams he seems to be playing for need his marketing savvy in order to paint a little "midnight rose" on the lips of their various swine.

The Trib thinks that when the legislature meets in special session this June they've got to pony up some cash for the Portland School District. Seems only fair. The legislature is partly responsible for the problem. A stop-gap measure buys the District more time to get things sorted out, which is what they need.

The newspaper of record in LaGrande issues a call for people to participate in the political process. Namely by registering to vote and by having more centrist types in office. Don't get me started on the centrist thing...ack! But more participants in the process is a net positive.

CIM test scores are up in Hermiston.

A few weeks ago, the Oregon State University Barometer published a controversial student opinion piece tackling what the student thought was a double standard toward violent behavior from Muslims. Following protests and outcries from students on campus, a column was issued in which a controversial paragraph had been preapproved by the president of the Muslim Student Association. This week, The Linfield College Review takes on the dangers of allowing one group to preapprove editorial pieces and the bad precedent it sets. Watching these great young minds learn and improve is a joyful thing. Go witness it.