Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hide your pot and polish your Glock, the Libertarians are coming!

Ahhh...Portland in July. The perfect time for long evening walks under clear and star-lit skies, sipping margaritas in an outdoor table at Papa Haydn's on NW 23rd, ducking gunfire from stoned Libertarians in town for their convention.

I may need to sign up for this.

The Libertarian Party is holding their national convention in Portland on July 1 and 2 at the Hilton downtown. I have no idea why the People's Republic of Portland rates high enough with the Libs to draw their conventioneers..but maybe some of our good old fashioned lefty liberalism will rub off on them. And they do have a nice photo of the city on their website.

The sightseeing recommendations are kinda lame: Pioneer Courthouse Square, The Oregon Zoo and the World Forestry Center. Yeesh. Can't we do better? I hope they at least manage to get out to visit Portland's amazing restaurant scene.