Monday, March 13, 2006

Political Junkies: Start your engines!

Being a political junkie gives me an excuse to unabashadly freebase campaign races. In that spirit (and with election season just beginning), a preliminary look at the lineup is in order--plus it pushes all of my junkie buttons.

This post is just for the federal races and for goobernor. State House and State Senate will be posted later. Otherwise its too much to take in at once. For the time being I'll just do posts on those I consider the "biggies"--Governor, Federal House, State House, State Senate. I may get around to doing municipal and county races as the spirit moves--but this is a big enough bite as it is. Each candidate's website (if I could locate it) is hyperlinked with their name. ("I" denotes an incumbent)

US House of Representatives
First Congressional District
Pavel Goberman (Democrat)
Alexa J. Lewis (Democrat)
Shantu Shah (Democrat)
Derrick Kitts (Republican)
David Wu (Democrat) (I)

Second Congressional District
Paul A. Daghlian (Republican)
Scott Silver (Democrat)
Chuck Butcher (Democrat)
Carol Voisin (Democrat)
Greg Walden (Republican) (I)
Dan Davis (Democrat)

Third Congressional District
Earl Blumenauer (Democrat) (I)
John Sweeney (Democrat)

Fourth Congressional District
Monica Johnson (Republican)
Peter DeFazio (Democrat) (I)
Jim Feldkamp (Republican)

Fifth Congressional District
Darlene Hooley (Democrat) (I)
Mike Erickson (Republican)

David Beem (Republican)
Bill Spidal (Republican)
Kevin Mannix (Republican)
Ted Kulongoski (Democrat) (I)
Pete Sorenson (Democrat)
Jason Atkinson (Republican
W. Ames Curtright (Republican)
Gordon Leitch (Republican)
Jim Hill (Democrat)
Ron Saxton (Republican)
Bob Leonard Forthan (Republican)
Ben Westlund (Independent)