Sunday, March 12, 2006

Spanning the state to bring you a constant variety of Orygun goodness

Abortion rates are falling in Oregon--and opinions about abortion in Oregon (and around the nation) remain largely unchanged.

David Reinhard sticks his finger in the wind and decides to abandon support for the corporate kicker. I knew we'd wear him down eventually. Most political animals know when they've been defeated--Reinhard is no exception.

When he's not complicit in covering PGE's ass, Ron Eachus can actually make sense.

Jim Fields provides an example of why farmers are a dying breed in Oregon.

Its always an enjoyable exercise for me to watch papers in conservative regions engage in Bush bashing. Not that what they're saying isn't legit. But still...makes my day.

If you love looking at beautiful photos of Oregon (like me), check out the results of the Baker City Herald Photo Contest.