Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Where in the world is Brian Platt?

Signature gathering firm owner Brian Platt has gone missing. We here at LO haven't seen him anywhere.

He's not under the computer desk. He's not behind the dog dish. I just checked the fridge and he's not in there either.

Nobody can seem to find him.

Not even the State Elections Office or the Bureau of Labor, whose filed a contempt charge against Platt for failing to comply with subpeonas..and Platt won't show up to his hearings.

The good folks at Our Oregon are on the hunt for Platt as well. But they're much more brave than we are. They're actually looking with those who hire Platt to gather signatures for their measures:

Ross Day knows. The newly filed candidate for the Marion County judiciary
hired him to gather signatures for Oregonians in Action’s “eminent domain”
petition. Maybe FreedomWorks’ executive director and Oregon Republican party
vice-chair Russ Walker knows. He hired him to gather signatures for two
petitions. Or it could be that Bill Sizemore knows. Platt was also hired to
carry his initiative petition. Possibly he's in Henderson, Nevada, with the
funder for many of these measures, hypnotist Loren Parks. Anything's

Yeesh. I hope they have a lot of holy water, garlic and crucifixes on hand.