Tuesday, March 07, 2006

OR 2: Another Dem wades in; four is a charm?

The Democrats have a list to choose from for potential candidates to compete against Greg Walden for Oregon's 2nd Congressional seat.

Joining Scott Silver, Chuck Butcher and Carol Voisin is Applegate Valley resident Dan Davis.

Dan's website is under construction, but they do have some initial stuff up for viewing.

Davis is a Vietnam Vet and a former engineer for General Electric. He's also pretty disgusted with Walden:

"I decided to run because I feel that we’re ignoring many of the crucial challenges of our time," he said. "... We need to address people’s needs, not corporate wants.

"For all those issues we care about deeply, whether it is true homeland security, budget and trade deficits and debt, energy independence, education, health care, ending this war, and many more, we cannot afford any longer to ‘stay the course,’ " he added.

Davis said Walden has "rubber stamped" nearly everything requested by the Bush administration.

Not to mention Walden's rubber stamping of the corrupt Republican DC leadership. Walden's cozy relationship with the unethical and slimy Washington GOP operatives and lobbyists

I'm hopeful that we'll have an interview with each of the Democratic candidates for this seat. Stay tuned.