Sunday, March 05, 2006

Around the state--to bring you a constant variety of Orygun goodness

Things that make you go hmmm....what a cool state we live in....

Students at Brookings-Harbor High School are protesting what they consider unfair suspensions of fellow students. Woo-hoo! Every town needs their youth to buck authority sometimes. Way to go BHHS!

Enviornmentalists and timber interests come together on common ground for a planned timber cut/sale on the Siuslaw National Forest. The thinning project will yield $500k for the Suislaw, sawmills will have work and there'll be no clear cut. Everybody wins.

Mike Green of the Ashland Daily Tidings lays some hard smack on American taxpayer dollars going to fund projects that don't link up with "American values". The "values" he's talking about aren't necessarily what you think.

Ron Saxton wins the straw poll at the Dorcester Conference. Atkinson came in second--which tickles me just because I think it pisses Lars Larson off.

A professor of "decision sciences" at University of Oregon handicaps the Oscars.

Finally, I want to direct your attention to this site run by my friend Ted. He captures some of the most beautiful spots in Oregon with his camera. Check it out.