Saturday, March 04, 2006

Oregon college newspapers on the internets

Kev from PK emailed me a link to the OSU college newspaper because of this commentary on the Donato/Biscuit Fire bizness.

Which got me to digging to see if other Oregon colleges have their papers out there on the internets for we noncollegiates to peruse.


The Daily Emerald (U of O)

The Pioneer Log (Lewis and Clark)

The Linfield Review (Linfield College, natch)

Linn-Benton Commuter (Linn-Benton CC--who'd have thunk even a teensy community college would have their own newspaper, much less online?)

The Advocate (Mt Hood CC, best use of wierd eyeball graphics)

The Voice (Multnomah Bible College)

The Daily Vanguard (Portland State, complete with Victoria Secret boobs-ads)

The Byline (Rogue Community College--never been there, is it teensy too?)

The Journal (Western Oregon, under construction I think)

The Collegian (Willamette University--including a real thought provoking piece on Jessica's Law by senior Mike Le Chevallier)

That's all I could track down. Anyone know of any others?