Wednesday, March 01, 2006

NW Republican: Hot, steaming, juicy pile of crow

It seems Dare!PDX at the NW Republican blog owes Bill Bradbury an apology.

After the reports that Multnomah County and the City of Portland had discovered errors in the Clean Elections Repeal initiative process, the cool kids at NWR started clawing at Bradbury and the rest of those Portland liberals:

Multnomah County (relying on the Secretary of State's office) was wrong in its counting of the signatures collected by First Things First.

Isn't it great when the liberal media (i.e. The Oregonian) and democrats are in the middle of taking a victory lap and it turns out they are wrong. In one week two 'hand in the cookie jar' scenrios have come to light.

First Measure 37 is found constitutional all the way around and Judge James' rubber stamp of 1000 Friends arguments before the court was as wrong as Kitzhaber sporting a mullet when representing Oregon overseas and back east (like cowboy boots excuse that).

Second up is the fact that Jason William's questioning Multnomah County's claim of duplicate signatures was dead on. Its almost as if the County just wants to make it difficult to let it's liberal consituency even vote. Scared that even a 70% liberal voting base inside Portland's borders might actually be capable of making a decision without it's philosopher-kings chewing up the decision for them.

We've already sussed out the rightwing blatherings about M37 no need to rehash. But as TJ made clear, the problems with the count had nothing to do with Bradbury. And the democratic "victory lap" wasn't quite as presumptious as poor Dare thought it was.

And per his usual form, Jason Williams was wrong.