Sunday, February 26, 2006

MAX System Anagrams

I gotta say, this rules. It's a map of the Portland MAX System, with all stops anagrammed. See if you can remember what the original stops were called.

My favorites?
* Has Germ
* No Bare Vet
* Sob Hill, OR
* Let 815 Warheads Vroom
* Acne Voter Owns 312
* Down With Toon Clan
* Slimy Ditch Trails
* Open Squirt Near Hero
* Simian Lips Sip Bias
* Love Pork Okra
* Never Naked on Vent

It would've been way creepy if "Sent to CPR" was where Kaiser Interstate was, but alas that's Love Pork Okra next door--although I suppose if you love pork okra, eventually you get sent to CPR.

Major Clanger's page has several great photo captures of the City of Roses.