Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Rainy day ramble

I'm kind of tapped out for blogging today..mostly because TJ has been gone for a week and I've been doing it on my own. Some of you might know that I also blog at Preemptive Karma. Between blogging here by myself and blogging there..I'm out of gas for today (whine).

Plus its been dumping rain almost all day--which seems to be sapping my energy.

Being me though, I did have one item that drew my attention:

Feds call for halt this season of salmon fisheries off coast":

Federal fish managers on Tuesday said both commercial and sport salmon fishing from California to Oregon must not be allowed this season.

If taken, it would be the first time for such a widespread closure -- one that would devastate coastal fisheries and make ocean-caught salmon scarce to the retail buyer.

I'm no expert on salmon runs, river levels and water tables, but it seems to me that a few years ago this exact problem with the fish was predicted.

Of course any time Karl Rove sticks his ugly face into an issue..he's bound to screw over those who don't vote Republican. Farmers and Ranchers in the Klamath Basin got their water...salmon fisherman, natives and sportsfishers get the shaft.