Sunday, April 30, 2006

Spanning the State: Got my ballot! Edition

My primary ballot arrived yesterday along with various flyers, letters and cards with a distinct "VOTE FOR ME!" theme. I save the mailings that I get from the more "obscure" candidates. Usually the judicial candidates are the ones I know the least about and I use their campaign literature as part of making my decision.

One such card arrived this week from a candidate for Circuit Court. His smiling face greeted me on one side of the placard while on the other side was listed his various endorsements: virtually all conservatives. BIG MISTAKE. HUGE. ASTRONOMICAL.

(Sorry Charlie)

And now, on to Spanning the State [..gong...]

Westlund is walking a very fine line.

The Bend Bulletin endorses Carol Voisin for the 2nd Congressional District Democratic Primary (And Saxton for GOP Goobernor Primary).

Researchers at Oregon State University are trying to harness ocean power to create electricity.

Sorenson's home turf hearts Ted

KDRV Channel 12 in Medford is studying the political gender gap in Oregon and how Southern Oregon girls may be the catalyst for change.

Citizens in Hermiston are working to stop a corporate dairy operation seeking to set up shop nearby. Its reminiscent of the "stop WalMart" campaigns on the west side of the Cascades: community driven and grassroots.

Dick Mastain of Ashland deconstructs the myth of the liberal media.

The folks out in John Day have a unique way of holding candidate forums. They have a 10 year old choose the speaking order and collect the written questions. It seems so...appropriate... doesn't it?