Monday, May 22, 2006

Hang your chad somewhere else

With at least some evidence of voter fraud taking place at traditional polling sites in America, it would appear that Oregon's vote by mail process is more important than ever.

Oregonians are used to being mavericks..teaching the rest of the Union how to do land use management and recycle. And now our voting by mail system is teaching the rest of the states how to avoid the kind of fraud that we saw happen in Ohio in 2004 and Florida in 2000.

Even with the hand wringing of the traditionalist whining set, its evident that vote by mail is the safest, most secure type of voting. Oregon doesn't have "hanging chads" or Diebold voting machines that are rigged to tally votes for Republicans. In addition, it costs the taxpayers roughly 30% less than traditional poll voting and generates higher voter turnout.

There's been virtually no evidence of fraud or vote tampering in the Oregon vote by mail system. No incidents of vote buying or coercion have been reported either. Vote by mail allows voters time to double check their ballots and do more indepth research on issues during the voting process. And now we vote by mailers can even track our ballots to ensure they're counted.

I dig how we Oregonians show everyone else the way.