Thursday, May 18, 2006

Run For Your Lives! Robertson Predicts NW Tsunami

I'm wearing my water wings and sitting in the basement typing by candlelight off battery power (the PC's on battery, not the candle), surrounded by MREs and sand bags. That's how seriously I'm taking Pat Robertson's prediction that "there well may be something as bad as a tsunami in the Pacific Northwest."

Oh sure, he's a certified nutjob who thinks God got involved in Pennsylvania school board politics, and that The Almighty is just itching for someone to whack Hugo Chavez. But he still has a touch of the Nostradamus to him. He predicted Hurricane Katrina would be God's wrath for good times and homosexuality in New Orleans (he just didn't mention it until after the storm). He forecast smiting for Disney because of their Gay Days, and look what happened--they broke relations with Pixar and now their animated features suck, and they're propping Lindsay Lohan up like it's Weekend at Bernie's, trying to keep her "meds" balanced for whatever Suzanne Pleshette 1960s remake they've got planned next. And when Hurricane Gloria threatened the mid-Atlantic seaboard in 1985 (including his swank 700 Club digs in Va. Beach), he prayed it away. I know; I was there--they closed down William and Mary for the first time since the Civil War because they were so sure Gloria would land on top of them...and then, no lie, that day was the clearest, nicest day of the whole school year.

So laugh if you want, but I'm taking the step most Oregonians refuse unless their very lives depend on it: I'm buying an umbrella.