Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Election First Look

There may not be a middle look before the last look, because I'm finding myself a victory party to ingratiate into in a bit. One party I think I'll skip is Diane Linn's. Thanks for the service; now you've got time to clean the house. Also with some new freedoms appears to be Alexis Dow, Metro Auditor-to-not-be.

On the other hand, Lew Frederick is probably pretty happy over at Billy Reed's right now, neck and neck with Jeff Cogen.

Here's hoping Jesse Cornett can make up a few points on Rod Monroe before the night is out.

Teddy the K is nearing the magic 60 mark, above which the negative fallout from the primary is likely to be nil. Still early, but he's close.

Finally, why the HELL did 2,500 people vote for Emilie Boyles? And will they remember when asked by a reporter?

How do I know these things? Magic! That, or I'm constantly refreshing this page.