Saturday, May 13, 2006

It's Languid Week at Loaded O

As Carla noted, she's gone for a week. Here in Oregon we're slated to get temperatures in the 90s in the valley--that oughta slow us down some. If you've been here a few times, it becomes pretty clear that Carla is a posting dynamo and I'm more suited to going on at length. So be gentle with me. I'll certainly cover the elections, and there will be posts, just not, y'know, 6 of them a day.

Stuff I've got on tap for the weekend--
*Wyden blasts Smith/GOP for screwing Oregon's rural counties for tax cuts
*Amanda Fritz blasts Dan Saltzman for overspending his promise
*The Sunday sweep across the Beaver State for news

I promise to clean up before Carla gets back.