Monday, May 15, 2006

Burdick Dropped Another $28K Into Race Last Week

No sign of new contributions (none noted, anyway see update), but Ginny Burdick has proven she's not going to let little things like voluntary limits or lack of new income stop her from going all out to secure the 2006 primary record {pdf} for campaign spending. Her new total? Just short of $212,000, minus a couple grand for in-kind donations. And of course that means more money for Erik Sten in the last 2 days if he wants it--$28,000 more from public matching funds, to reach a potential total of almost $60,000, over and above his original $150,000.

The question is, will Sten use it? Campaign manager Jennifer Yocum says yes, they definitely will, and will use it for the final get-out-the-vote push these last two days. She didn't say it, but I imagined her thinking "Thank you ma'am, wham bam!" If Erik theoretically spills over 50% from a GOTV-aided boost in turnout, Burdick may come to regret her profligacy. But hey, she came to win, and she's bringing her checkbook.

Update 5/16 10AM--
Today's increment report for Burdick
indicates contributions totalling $174K. That means she's overspent her income by 38 thousand dollars at this point. Nothing like a 22% campaign debt-to-assets ratio to instill confidence with budgeting!